WINBAG® "Air Wedge": Box of 4




This is a little something we saw at a recent show in Germany and thought it might be useful to many of the millwork companies and contractors out there installing doors and windows. 

It's essentially a really well-built inflatable pillow. Slip it in, pump it up and between the inflation bulb and the button pressure release, you can do the fine-tuning work of shims but with more precision and fewer hands.
Fits and fills gaps between 3/32" and 2".
Each bag can lift 220 lbs.
A true time-saving gadget. 

Price includes a box of 4 WINBAGs and an accessory for hooking them to a tool belt.

Material : heavy duty fiber-reinforced rubber. 

Engineered and made in Denmark. 

DOWNLOAD a short WINBAG Promo Brochure
and Installation Guide for windows. 

This video gives you the scoop: 


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