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TECTUS TE 626 3D A8 Concealed Hinge

This is the ultimate hinge in the TECTUS universe. Not only does it have the 3-hour UL Rating, but it can also provides enhanced throw and can be used on doors with cladding up to 8mm (think mirrors or other laminates). A brute/beauty punch that is getting traction with architects who want to supersize their exterior doors, especially in coastal environments. And it comes with the usual indispensable TECTUS 3-D adjustability. 

BUT, this hinge is expensive!  If you don't require a 3-hour fire rating, consider  the BaSys PIVOTA DXS-180 3D hinge with stainless steel knuckles or other alternatives from BaSys (one of the best German hinge manufactures now available in the US!).

The SIMONSWERK TECTUS TE 626 3D A8 concealed hinge is cast from solid non-magnetic stainless steel. UL listed for 3 hours with a high corrosion resistance, the TE 626 3D A8 is ideal for wood, steel or aluminum doors, and frames exposed to the elements. 

The three-dimensional adjustability and maintenance-free slide bearing technology of the TE 626 3D A8 hinge system is for use with high-quality commercial doors.


  • Manufactured of cast stainless steel (304 series) for flush commercial doors
  • 180° opening angle without pinching or damage during opening and closing
  • For doors up to 660 lbs with 2 hinges installed
  • EASILY adjustable in 3-Dimensions
  • Maintenance-free slide bearings
  • UL Listed for 3-hour fire door
  • For wood, metal, or casing frame installation
  • Fire Resistance, Smoke Resistance, Soundproof, Forced Entry Resistance, High
    Corrosion Resistance


  • Minimum door thickness: 1-3/4" 
  • Die-Cast from Solid 304 Series Stainless Steel
  • Satin Stainless Steel (Series 304)
  • Available by special order in Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel
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