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System M Pivot Hinge

Complete Set including top and bottom pivots and accessories.

Four different weight classes tuned for your specific door.

IMPORTANT PRODUCT UPDATE : Effective March 1, 2022 - FritsJurgens released a new version of the System M, now with a shorter 70mm minimum or edge-mounted 40mm pivot point!
See the new 2022 System M details here.

NOTE : Models D and E are now only available as a System M+ pivot hinge with additional Latching Control and other features for bigger doors. If you require Models D or E in the classic System M, please call to confirm availability. 


It's simple. This pivot hinge will save you lots of money, lots of time, or both. System M represents a new way forward for pivot doors, especially the big ones.

Pivot doors are becoming quite popular with designers. They provide a modern minimalist sensibility to projects of all stripes. However, for contractors the problems of installing these doors are many. Most of these problems come when you have to deal with a floor closer. 

Maybe you've had to coordinate a bunch of subs to get the prep right for an in-floor closer like Dorma BTS80 or Rixson H40 (think goopy cement and jackhammers). Or perhaps you're an architect who's had to spend an afternoon or two figuring out how best to hide that nasty eye-sore of a closer coverplate.

The Dutch manufacturer FritsJurgens made the obvious move.

They've engineered a sophisticated closer and put it in the door! 

Nothing in the ceiling. Nothing in the floor.

Special ADA compliant models are now available (call for more information on ADA models).

Introducing System M. 

Many problems solved. So many headaches averted.


What's it do? 

The System M is a heavy-duty dual-acting pivot hinge and adjustable closer that can easily handle interior or exterior doors up to 660 lbs. (the actual capacity of the hinge is 1100lbs but the closer function's effective limit is around that 660lbs). In other words, you can use System M on very big doors and have smooth operating closer function without having to sink money and time in a floor closer. 



Features :

  • Dual-acting with hold positions at 0˚, ±90˚
  • Self-closing from ±125˚ and from ±89˚
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Hydraulic backcheck
  • Minimum door thickness : 1-9/16" (40mm)
  • Minimum distance to pivot point : 3-9/16"
  • Grommeted top pivot available for POWER TRANSFER. Call us for more information.
  • Dorma Model Comparison: BTS75

Special ADA compliant models are now available.

Please call us for help in specifying the correct one for your situation.

      Advantages :

      • No structural elements in floor and ceiling.
      • For new and existing situations. Great for retrofits.
      • System M makes for quick installations because you can wait until all the surfaces are done before bringing in the doors. 
      • Maintenance-free bearings. Test to over 1-million cycles.
      • Easily adjustable with the door fully loaded.
      • Suitable for timber, steel, framed glass and massive clad doors.
      • For single and double action doors.
      • For internal and external doors. 
      • For commercial and residential environments.
      • For really big pivot doors!


      FritsJurgens offers five models ( M32-SCA, M32-SCB, M32-SCC, M32-SCD, M32-SCE ) which are tuned to provide appropriate closing force for pivot doors depending on the door weight and position of the pivot. The best way to determine the right model for your door is to have a look at the System M Configuration Guide and, then if you find you still have questions, just give us a call. 


        System M Overview

        System M Configuration Guide 

        System M Mounting Manual

        System M Components Drawing

        Call us for CAD files. 


        More Info : 

        Here's why you also want doorstop too!

        Be sure to checkout the new hidden doorstop by GHOSTOP!



        Positive action roller catch solution:

        Magnetic Catch solution:

        You'll still want a doorstop!!!:

        • Here is why you may want a DOORSTOP with System M !!! A note on doorstops.  Do I need one if the System M has a backcheck?  Yes and no.  Depends on your specific situation.  But what you should consider is that even though the SystemM provides a hold-open at 90 degrees and has a backcheck to help protect the wall from a door that is flung wide open, a doorstop can be helpful when the door is placed in windy circumstances or with really wide doors.  Or if you want to prevent damage to surfaces that could come in contact with the door. 

        This product includes all components required for one pivot door. If you need specific FritsJurgens parts or support please contact us : 1-888-636-1627 or email.

          If you are looking for a pivot hinge with a damping function from each 45° position, like a turnstyle : FritsJurgens System 3

          If you are looking for a sophisticated pivot hinge with adjustable closing speed and other features : FritsJurgens System One

          Other Names:

          We love to hear other names for FritsJurgens!  So far, we've heard the following:

          • Fritz Jurgens
          • Frits Gergens
          • FritzGergens
          • Hambugenz
          • FritzJurgens or FritGurgens
          • Fritzy Jurgens Spinny Thing
          • PivotyJurgens
          • PivotJugens
          • PivotGurgens
          • Pivot your gurgen
          • FitsGugen
          • FitsJurgen
          • FitMyJurgen
          • SpinJurgen or Spin Jurgen or Spin Gurgen
          • Frisjyrens pivot door
          • Fritdjurgens
          • Fitsjurgens
          • Fiitdjurgens

          Model Numbers and Product Id Mapping

           System Name Model No. Product Id Finish
          SystemM Kit, M32-SCA, rectangular accessories, Power Transfer M32-SCA 600332A/9101 stainless steel
          SystemM Kit, M32-SCA, rectangular accessories M32-SCA 600332A
          stainless steel
          SystemM Kit, M32-SCB, rectangular accessories, Power Transfer M32-SCB 600332B/9101
          stainless steel
          SystemM Kit, M32-SCB, rectangular accessories M32-SCB 600332B
          stainless steel