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HB 675

We spend a lot of time fixing specs around full-sized closet doors. We're still seeing Rockwood roller latches on some schedules. They're noisy and ugly. Here are a couple of simple alternatives.

Schall Ex Automatic Drop Seal

Keep it down! I'm trying to work in here! We all need our quiet and private spaces. To help create them, here's a quick look at one of the sexiest of hardware types: the automatic drop seal

FSB Edge Pull

The flush pull with integrated edge pull is a concept that some of you have used to simplify and beautify your sliding doors. There are now quite a few on the market, some quite ugly and others exquisite. We wanted to provide a few thoughts on this solution.

FSB Edge Pull

This Monday Minute will look at a few solutions we recommend when working on coastal projects.

FSB Edge Pull

The problem is simple to explain. A door normally comes to rest with its edge opposite a jamb. Not with a "surface" sliding door or "modern barn" door.

  • Not so easy to lock a barn door!
  • Accurate's 9100BDL Barn Door Lock
  • Krownlab is a hardware manufacturer based in Portland that offers iconic modern barn door solutions. Their ConfigureĀ Barn Door Lock is a simple, affordable, and easy to install lock
  • Cut Sheet for Barn Door Lock Options
Edge Pull

Well, it's been quite a week. Hard to get a grip on everything that is going on? This Monday Minute covers more pocket door solutions, specifically the wide wild world of edge pulls.

Rolling Door Solutions

This Monday Minute covers a few solutions for when you should keep your door bearing on the ground.

Door Stops

Here are a few solutions you can use on both interior and exterior doors to keep doors in place.

Framless Glass Pivot Door

Here are a few frameless glass pivot door solutions you can use! Wet and Dry Solutions!

Sanitary Office Solutions

This Monday Minute covers a few solutions to help you get back to work. Safely.