Fixing Plate for Casing Frames for Tectus Concealed Hinges

By Simonswerk

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Fixing Plate for Casing Frames 

Simonswerk fixing plates for anchoring casing frames with Tectus® Concealed Hinges 

Specify the FZ/1 Fixing Plate for your Hinge

TE 240 3D N / TE 240 3D N Energy 

TE 340 3D  / TE 340 3D Energy 

TE 526 3D  /  TE 526 3D Energy / TE 527 3D / TE 527 3D Energy 

TE 540 3D / TE 540 3DEnergy 

TE 541 3D FVZ

TE 640 3D / TE 640 3D Energy 

Material:  Steel

Finish:  Galvanized