Routing Templates: TE 240 3D N

By Simonswerk

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Routing Templates: TE 240 3D N

The TE240 3D N hinge is the only one of the standard TECTUS models where the frame and door mortises are different. A  two-step mortise on both the frame and door side are required for the TE 240 3D N . In addition, the TE 240 3D N Energy hinge model requires a Step 3 template to complete the mortise for the energy ribbon


-Sold as a pair. Includes Step 1 & Step 2 Templates (add a Step 3 Energy template and Milling Jig if  needed)

-Choice of Metric templates (requires additional tools) or Imperial templates (can be used with popular US router bits)

-Universal Mill Jig No. 118 recommended for use with Tectus Router Templates

Recommended Accessories

-Router Tools for Metric templates: 30 mm Guide Bushing for your router brand (Bosch, Porter Cable or Festool) , Router Bit Shank, and  16mm Router Bit


-Imperial Templates require a 1" guide bushing and 1/2" router bit

-Metric Templates require a 30mm guide bushing and 16mm router bit