Precision PLS24 Pro Concealed Magnetic Catch

By Precision Lock


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    Precision PLS24 Pro Concealed Magnetic Catch

    For a while, we'd been selling a set of strong countersunk neodymium ("earth") magnets to our customers who wanted a magnetic catch, say, for a full-size closet door. A pair would sort of do the trick but, because even a small change in the distance between the magnets represents a big change in the force between them, you would never really know how much "catching force" you'd have until after you installed them. You'd have a fidgety sort of install to get it just right. Worse, you sometimes had to install a second set to get the power you needed. 

    Recently, one of our crafty millwork customers told us about these Precision PLS 24 PRO Concealed Magnetic Catches, and claimed that he'd never use anything else again.

    It's the KIT that makes all the difference. We gotta hand it to the Kiwis; Precision has worked it all out for you. 



    In it, you get the necessary strong countersunk earth magnets. The magnets fit into two round cups which provide a nice neat frame around the magnet when installed. The kit also comes with a set of round shims which you can use to incrementally adjust the distance between the magnets so you can tune the strength of the pull between the two. Just add shims until you get it just right. To finish it off, the kit comes with two discs that cover the magnets, hiding the countersink and the screws for a clean look that you could even use on the latch end of the door without it getting ugly.

    The kit also includes some sound dampening accessories and all fasteners.  



    These Precision catches can be used anywhere a roller or ball catch would normally be fitted. Unlike a roller or ball catch, there is no noise when opening and shutting the door. Plus, unlike the ball catch you often see in these situations, the magnets don't lose their power over time. There's no double tapping to get the door closed. The perfect solution for keeping problem doors shut, and, sleeping spouses sleeping. That's what one architect told us about why he originally started using magnetic catches. A client who liked to go running in the early morning and dreaded the loud click-clunk of the ubiquitous ball catch would wake up wife, no matter how gently he closed their closets. It's probably reaching to say Magnetic Catches saved his marriage, but at least his wife was able to sleep in.

    Warning: as with all strong neodymium magnets, you need to be careful when handling them. Keep them well apart or spend time pulling them away from each other. 


    Downloads:  Precision Product Spec Sheet

    Installation Guide: Precision PLS 24 Pro Installation Guide