Perko R104 Power Door Closer

By Samuel Heath

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Perko Door Closer

The Samuel Heath Perko Power is a superior quality jamb-mounted concealed hydraulic door closer with a unique twin-power mechanism that possesses the necessary force to provide controlled closing of doors up to 175 lbs. in weight and 36 inches wide.

The Third Generation Concealed Door Closer

The SHS Perkopower R104 is the new concealed closer on the block, and it was designed (with the help of Simonswerk) to function specifically with the Tectus 540 and Tectus 527 concealed hinges.   Instead of having to calculate where the 1-3/8” offset from the (moving) pivot point of these concealed hinges is located, as with the R102, you simply align the centerlines of the closer plates with the centerlines of the Tectus hinge sides. The necessary offset is already built into the R104


Fully Concealed when the Door is Closed

Available with solid brass end plates in a variety of finishes, yet invisible when the door is closed. Perko Power offers the ultimate in door control without the need to compromise on the appearance of the door itself or the aesthetics of the finished product.

*This item is only certified to be used with the TE 540 3D/TE 527 Hinge models. 

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        • There is no hold-open feature on the R104, as it was designed for use on fire doors.
        • US ADA/UL Compliant
        • The R104 has a closing speed that is fully adjustable, from no close to swift close.
        • It also has a latching action that is adjustable to ensure the door latches.
        • The R104 is UL fire rated for 45 minutes on a wood door, 3 hours on a hollow metal door.
        • The maximum opening for a door with the R104 mounted is 105°.
        • If the door can be opened to more than 105°, a doorstop is recommended to prevent damage to the door or frame.
        • The maximum door weight for fitting an R104 is 175 lbs.
        • The closer mounting can be reversed, if necessary, with the closer body mounted in the frame, and the frame plate mounted in the door.
        • The R104 will only work with Tectus 540 and Tectus 527 concealed hinges. Not with any other Tectus hinges, nor with any other manufacturer’s concealed hinges.


        - Maximum door opening 105 degrees

        - The maximum door weight for fitting an R104 is 175 lbs.

        Available Finishes:

          - R104PB: Polished Brass
          - R104.SCP: Satin Chrome Plated
          - R104.PN: Polished Nickel
          - R104.SN: Satin Nickel
          - More finishes available upon request

           Lead Time 2-3 weeks

          *This item is non-returnable as it is a custom order item. 

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