No-Ha Handle-less Locks and Invisible Flush Pulls

By No-Ha

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No-Ha Handle-less Locks and Invisible Flush Pulls

IMPORTANT: This product requires very precise milling to have the mechanism work. The use of a CNC machine is required. Read the installation instructions carefully and make sure you can achieve these tolerances before purchasing the No-Ha systems. 

The No-Ha system is perfect for designers who wish to have the hardware on interior doors completely disappear. This patented system gets you pretty close. It's as flush as a flush pull could be.

The spring-loaded coverplate that you push to release the latch and then pull the door can be finished to match your door surface. You can either make your own coverplate or purchase pre-made ready-to-paint No-Ha MDF or brushed stainless steel coverplate from us.


These are perfect for closets, that hidden powder room, cabinets and drawers, or anywhere you'd rather see nothing at all. 

Engineered and made in Belgium by Joakim Products. 

No-Ha Models

No-Ha 2.0 mini (NM 938): passage latch

No-Ha 2.0L mini with thumbturn (NM 937): privacy latch

No-Ha 2.0 Slide (NS 205): Handle for 1-3/4" thick sliding doors

No-Ha 2.0 Slide (NS105): Single-sided Handle for sliding doors

No-Ha 2.0 (NK 250): Single-sided Handle for cupboards and drawers

Please call us for help in determining which of the model is right for your application: +1-877-777-0592


Installation Instructions

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