Supra ST.1009.SU Sliding Door Hardware

Manufacturer : MWE



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  • MWE Supra ST.1009.SU Barn Door Hardware

    Designed to coordinate with the new design of the ProTec and Klassik sliding door hardware systems, the Supra barn door hardware system is made especially for cases where sliding door hardware cannot be attached to the door’s surface. The ST.1009.SU has been especially developed for all doors that do not allow a threaded joint or any other hardware on the door leaf surface.

    When you've got to mount the hardware on the top of the door, the Supra barn door hardware system is the one you need. Whether wood doors (anywhere from 7/8" to 3-1/8" thick), metal doors, or sliding mirrored panels, Supra provides. The carriage has been re-engineered for enhanced adjustability to make installation a breeze.

    MWE hardware is made in Germany to the highest standards. This is the original "barn door hardware."


    Style Hardware: Glass, Metal or Wood Panels

    System Capacity: 300 lbs.

    Material: 304 Stainless Steel

    Standard Finish: 600-grit brushed stainless steel

    Package Details

    Set includes:

    2 - MWE Supra Carriage Wheels with concealed anti-jump fitting
    1 - 25mm diameter rail
    3 - Wall mounts for a 74" rail prepared for drywall or wood installation


    4 - Wall mounts for a 96" rail
    2 - Rail-mounted doorstops
    1 - Floor-mounted door guide for wood panels

    *Price includes shipping!

    *Supra system for a glass panel will ship with the MWE Floor Guide for Glass (ST.4005), and for a wood panel with the MWE Floor Guide for Wood (ST4006).

    We are experts when it comes to tricky situations and would be happy to provide the guidance necessary to get the installation right.

    Systems available here are for wall-mounted rails. If your design requires a glass-mounted rail, as shown in some of the images here, please call us to discuss your requirements: +1-866-636-1627

    More Info

    You'll see knock-offs of MWE everywhere these days, but MWE's product performance and range of solutions can not be surpassed. You may even see some sellers online use MWE photos to market lower quality grey-market goods, so beware.

    If it doesn't say MWE, you may not be getting the engineering, high-grade materials, and good-looks your project deserves. We encourage you to compare prices, but make sure the rail is solid stainless (not a tube). Make sure they include shipping, and, most-importantly, that the hardware is by MWE in Germany.

    MWE manufactures each system to order, so if you have a condition that requires specs you don't see available here, please call us: +1-888-636-1627