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  • MWE Spirit Lift Off Shower Door Hinges

    MWE has engineered these compact precision rising butt hinges for smooth operation of glass doors up to 1/2" thick. The MWE Spirit lift off shower door hinges close smoothly from the open position simply on gravity and the weight of the door (no separate spring mechanism). 

    The shower door hinges are milled from solid stainless-steel (no flaky finishes) with all fasteners concealed behind flush magnetic cover plates.  


      Style Hardware: Glass-to-Glass Mounting
      Available Finishes: Jewelry-quality brushed & mirror-polished stainless steel
      *MWE can provide PVD and many other custom finishes upon request. If you have high-end bath fixtures you are trying to match, call us: +1-888-636-1627
        -For use with glass up to 12.7mm (1/2”) thick.
        -Maximum weight capacity per (2) hinges = 110 Lbs.
        -All screws are concealed behind flush magnetic cover plates.
        -One-way swing direction

        More Info

        Handing: All MWE Spirit hinges are handed.

        R = DIN-Rechts is the same as RHR (Right Hand Reverse)

        L = DIN-Links is the same as LHR (Left Hand Reverse)


        MWE Spirit Technical Documents

        MWE Spirit Hinge Installation Instructions

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        Other MWE Models

        MWE DU.3340: Glass-to-Glass 180° or 90°

        Flush-to-the-glass countersunk point fittings on the interior for easy cleaning and smooth beauty. This option requires chamfer glass preparation. 



        MWE DU.3341: Glass-to-Glass 180° or 90°

        With clamping plates with the fasteners all concealed by nearly invisible magnetic cover plates.


        In detailing doors, take into account the fact that the door will sit higher in the open position. The total rise between the open and closed is +6mm (~1/4"). 

        Glass Thickness : 1/4" to 1/2"

        Load Capacity : 110 lbs. with two hinges (approx. 36x96 door in 3/8" glass). 

        Maximum Door Width : 1m (~39")

        MWE recommends using 3 hinges for doors taller than 8 ft. with the third hinge installed in the upper third of the door. Please call us to assist you with specifying your project.

        *Because these hinges are not restrained by a spring, a door stop is required to arrest door in the open position as well as in the closed position. 


        MWE offers many glass connectors and accessories as well as flush pulls, handles, and locking pulls for a complete high-performance solution: 

        DU.3301 : 90° Wall-Mounted Glass Connector
        DU.3302 : 180° Glass-to-Glass Connector
        DU.3304.V : 70°-180° Adjustable Glass-to-Glass Connector
        DU.3305PH : 180° Glass-to-Glass Door Stop
        DU.3306 : 90° Wall-Mounted Door Stop
        DU.3306 : 90° Glass-Mounted Door Stop (counter sunk)
        Also check out the square barrel version of this hinge:

        MWE Spirit Akzent