SL.6006.AK Tangens Rolling Ladder



All MWE Ladders are custom fabricated. Please call us with your ladder's vertical height requirement (floor to rail) and rail length, so we can help you get your ladder priced and built.

MWE SL.6006.AK Tangens Rolling Ladder

(previously known as the SL.6040)

MWE's innovative SL.6006.AK Tangens extends the rolling ladder beyond the rail for situations where you would like to have a tall ladder but don't want it projecting out into the room too much. The vertical extensions provide the stability and safety needed when accessing higher shelves. The AKZENT model provides a great option for designers looking for a more square-profile option.

We have helped specify and deliver many complex rolling ladders and can provide the expert guidance needed for your project.

Whether you call it a rolling ladder, wine cellar ladder, library ladder or sliding ladder, MWE has the best-looking, highest quality options available anywhere.

Made in Germany. 


  • MWE re-engineered high-performance Tangens wheels
  • Solid stainless steel rail and mounts
  • 31.5" extension at top of ladder
  • Rail-mounted stops
  • Felt-padded stabilizing feet

Ladder Rung/Step Options

  • SL.6006.AK : Square Rungs
  • SL.6006.AK.E : Stainless Steel Steps
  • SL.6006.AK.H : Wood Steps in one of 9 wood species
  • Powder Coated Stainless Steel Steps (most RAL colors)
  • Painted Wood Steps (Call us for more information on this option: +1-877-777-0592)


  • Auto-Braking Casters
  • Side Safety Railings (Standard 5'-11" for 8'-0" ladder)



  • High quality German standards in 304 Stainless Steel
  • For 316 Marine Grade stainless steel for coastal environments, please call us: +1-877-777-0592 

Available Finishes:

  • Jewelry-quality 600grit brushed stainless steel
  • For Mirror-Polished, PVD, or Powder-coated finishes please call us: +1-877-777-0592  

More Info

Make your own Wood Steps (milling info)

Looking for similar ladder but with round profiles? 

SL.6006.KL : ROUND profile rails and square rungs

SL.6006.KL.E : ROUND profile rails and stainless steel steps

SL.6006.KL.H : ROUND profile rails and wood steps

For steps and other options, please contact us: +1-877-777-0592


Featured in an issue of Dwell Magazine, "An Arctic White Kitchen Renovation in Connecticut"

A Solution For Every Situation

MWE has engineered several high-performance custom rolling ladder systems to provide solutions for any situation:


MWE Ladders are custom fabricated. Before calling for custom pricing, we will need the following information: 
  • What is the vertical height from the floor to the rail?
  • How long is the rail on which the ladder will roll?
  • Call us: +1-877-777-0592  


**Approximate cost for an 8-foot tall ladder with rungs and an 8-ft long rail. Tangens ladder goes up another 2' and 8" inches with the vertical extensions (overall height for this ladder is 10' and 8").

***Our pricing includes crating and all international shipping charges from Germany to the continental U.S. For shipping to other locations please call us.