Krownlab RORIK Shower System : Corner Configuration

By Krownlab


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Krown RORIK Shower System : Corner Configuration

Krownlab's newest offering, the RORIK sliding door shower enclosure system, is the natural offspring of Krownlab's commitment to minimalism and technical refinement.

This Corner Configuration allows you to have one end of the rail mount perpendicularly to a fixed glass end panel.

Both RORIK systems can hold a 150 lbs. panel (that's a 3'x8'x1/2" door), without rail supports, over an opening of up to 36", making it a perfect choice for projects where ADA accessibility is required. Or when you don't want to feel like you're squeezing out of your shower. 


[shown here is one of 4 configurations you can have with this corner set. ]

Krown's patented hardware system, featuring an all stainless steel bearing wheel, has been adapted for the shower environment. The door rolls on a track that appears to float in mid-air thanks to truly concealed fasteners. Even the wall attachment points are elegantly concealed with their specially-engineered wall socket to complete the system's modern, minimal aesthetic.

The most common problem with shower enclosures is solved by Krownlab's innovative and heavy-duty TruLevel™ rail system. In conjunction with their iconic and smooth running sealed bearing rollers, RORIK offers tremendous design flexibility to fit most shower plans.

RORIK provides solutions for shower enclosures up to 6'-8" in width and  works with a wide range of door panel sizes and thicknesses. Compatible with both tile and shower pans, RORIK is available in this Alcove Configuration, or in an equally minimalist alcove solution : RORIK System for Alcove Configuration.


Perfect Installs ASAP :

Installation of a straight-forward sliding door shower system should be fast and must be precise. Krownlab has engineered their RORIK system with adjustment features that ensure perfect installs in less time.

  • Krown's standard track is designed to be easily cut and drilled in the field with commonly available tools.
  • The Tru-Level™ System gives a full 1/4” of vertical adjustment at each track mounting point, including where it attaches to the walls. If you've tried installing other shower rail systems before, you know the significance of this innovation. Sorry for the past. Here's the future. 

    • The door panel adjustment feature allows the system to be raised or lowered at each bearing by 1/8”. This gives installers the ability to tilt the panel to accommodate shower walls that are up to 3/8” out-of-plumb.

    Installers will love being able to quickly fine tune the system during and after installation with unparalleled site adjustability.

    Plus it looks dynamite. 

    Krown is not only known for their well-thought-out designs but also for their their classic No.4 brushed finish. This system comes in their brushed stainless and brushed Matte Black finishes. The finish is directional and smooth to the touch. 

    10-YEAR WARRANTY : No one else in the industry offers it. Krown tests their systems beyond 130,000 cycles to represent 10-years of heavy commercial use. That's 4,800 showers a day. 

    MADE ENTIRELY IN THE USA : Krown Lab manufactures a small but versatile range of stainless steel sliding door hardware in Portland, Oregon.  Learn more about this outstanding manufacturer.

    If you are interested in how you can create a bi-parting or bi-passing system, or if you just want some help figuring this all out, please give us a call. We'll be happy to help +1-888-636-1627.



    RORIK Shower System : Corner Product Sheet

    RORIK Shower System : Corner Installation Instructions

    RORIK Shower System : CAD Glass Prep (dwg)


    MADE ENTIRELY IN THE USA : Krown Lab manufactures a small but versatile range of stainless steel sliding door hardware in Portland, Oregon.  Learn more about this outstanding manufacturer.


    Specifications for RORIK Corner Configuration :

    Hardware Application : Glass Panels (glass not included)

    Standard Maximum Opening Width : 78"

    System Capacity : 150 lbs. (e.g. 3'x8'x1/2" panel)

    Material : High-quality 300-series stainless steel

    Bearings : 3" sealed bearing wheels

    Compatibility : Moving panels can be 1/4" to 1/2"  (specify glass thickness. thicknesses below 3/8" require hardware modifications.). Fixed panels can be 1/4" to 1/2". 

    Standard Lengths: Standard system ships with a 78" track which can be cut in the field. 

    Available Finishes:

    • SS : Brushed Stainless
    • BS : Black Stainless


    Package Details :


    Set includes:

    1 - Stainless Steel Track 
    2 - Stainless Steel Rorik Trolleys
    1 - Bottom Glass Door Guide
    1 - Wall mount set *
    1 - Fixed Returning Panel Rail Mount
    2 - Fixed Glass Panel Mounts
    All Mounting hardware

    * OUR Price includes shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.!

    Lead time for this hardware is approximately 2 weeks


    Custom Options :

    Please call us to discuss these options:

    • Custom rail sizes
    • Double rail (bi-passing doors)
    • Alternate floor guide
    • Undrilled Track
    • Perpendicular Wall Fitting (when the end of your track meets a wall on either end)

    To complete your Barn Door project, add on the INGER or EBBA Door Pull 


    Here are the quick take-aways :

    • Industry leading 10-year warranty
    • ADA compliant pull force at full system loading
    • Configurable for 36" clear openings for roll in entry
    • Supports moving panels weighing up to 150 lbs.
    • Maximum 40" unsupported track spans possible
    • Tru-Leveling System™ for faster, perfect installations. Built-in ¼" total adjustment in all directions at each track mounting point
    • Vertical panel adjustment. Adjust panel up to ⅛" even after installation
    • Fully-adjustable door stops for fast and easy control of door travel
    • Available in Brushed Stainless and Black Stainless finishes
    • Compatible with framed tiled walls
    • Track ships standard at 78" length. Call us about longer lengths or funky configurations.
    • Easily cut and drill track in the field with commonly available tools
    • For door panels ¼" to ½" in thickness*
    • Configurable to have the moving panel close against the wall or return panel.


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