BALDUR Top-Mounted Sliding Door Hardware: Wood Doors

By Krown

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Krown BALDUR Top-Mounted Sliding Door Hardware for Wood Doors

Krown Lab manufactures a small but versatile range of stainless steel sliding door hardware in Portland, Oregon. 

The BALDUR Top-Mounted sliding door hardware is the design that put Krown on the map. This hubless take on what's been called "modern barn door hardware" brings with it a light open aspect, providing a smooth and quiet-running system that can handle up to 400 lbs. 

Featuring 4" diameter unsealed bearings and Krown's patented hubless design, BALDUR puts the beauty and function of the bearing above all else. BALDUR is available in two standard track lengths or made-to-measure to perfectly fit your project needs.

Unlike Krown's surface-mounted products, which reference off the face of a door panel, Top Mount can be biased either toward the front or back of the panel, allowing you to get your door panel just about as close to your wall as you want it. A slotted mounting channel in the foot of each trolley lets you fine tune the trolley location during installation. Because of this adjustability, Top Mount is recommended for installations involving door trim, molding, or base board.

The BALDUR Top-Mounted fitting for Wood Doors is easily adjusted both up+down and in+out with only a hex key for quick and precise installations.

To complete your Barn Door project, add on the INGER or EBBA Door Pull 


Style Hardware: Wood Panels

System Capacity: 400 lbs.

Material: High-quality 300-series stainless steel

Bearings: 4" exposed

Compatibility: 1 3/8" to 3" (without baseboard)

2 Standard Lengths:

       70" track length; ideal with 36" panel / 32" openi

       94" track length; ideal with 48" panel / 44" opening

Available Finishes:

  • SS: Brushed Stainless
  • BS: Black Stainless
  • PS: Mirror Polished Stainless

Package Details

Set includes:

1 - Stainless Steel Track 
2 - Stainless Steel BALDUR Top-Mounted trolleys
1 - Bottom Guide Post (other options available)

2 - Track End Caps*
Mounting hardware

More Info

*Track End Caps (pictured below). We've never sold a set without; it neatens things up just right. If you prefer an open rail, please call us to make the adjustment: +1-888-636-1627

*Price includes shipping anywhere in the continental US!

Custom Options

Please call us to discuss these options:

  • Custom rail sizes
  • Double rail (bi-passing doors)
  • Mirror polished finish
  • Alternate floor guide

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