JNF W-System


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This JNF hinge system is an adjustable pivot hinge and closer for frameless glass doors that doesn't require you to sink a big old box in the floor. No jackhammering the concrete slab or getting into the ceiling. There are no others like this that we've found. (you may know a CRL version but they require custom-made header patches to work, and who wants to deal with that?)

The patented adjustable Hydraulic Closer is inside that patch fitting (7.5"x2.8"). 

The small floor plate (also adjustable) sits on your finished floor. 

Here's what we like about it :

  •  Adjustable Floor Plate installs ON FINISHED FLOOR. No in-floor closer!
  • Easily Adjustable Closing and Latching(Braking) Speeds
  • ± 90° HOLDS
  • 220 lb capacity. Think about a 3' x 10' x 1/2" glass door. (max. width 39")
  • No visible fasteners. 
  • Lots of great finishes including Satin Stainless, POLISHED Stainless, Titanium Black, Titanium Gold, Titanium Copper, and a Titanium Dark Chocolate(think a lighter US10B). This finish is achieved with PVD technology (Physical Vapor Deposition). It is a non galvanic, pollution free process, widely used in the watchmaking industry.