JNF Toilet Brush



We love this toilet brush. 

And it's hard to get excited about a toilet brush.


JNF has created an elegant toilet made from 316 Stainless Steel.  You won't find a better value and design when you consider the fine craftsmanship and materials.  Perfect for coastal environments or just the high humidity levels in a bathroom.

A wall mounted and floor version is available in satin and polished stainless steel.  There is a visible small ring of black plastic on the bottom to protect the floor surface.

Haven't heard of JNF?  Find additional information below and note that they have a very deep line of coordinated bathroom hardware accessories so browse through their catalog and let us know what you need as we can source it all for your entire project.

Product Information

  • Floor - satin 316 stainless steel : IN.42.164.316
  • Floor - polished 316 stainless steel : IN.42.164.316.P
  • Wall - satin 316 stainless steel : IN.42.165.316
  • Wall - polished 316 stainless steel : IN.42.165.316.P