Sugatsune HES3D-70

By Sugatsune

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Sugatsune HES3D-70 Concealed Hinge for cabinet doors.

What a beautiful tiny concealed hinge!   Yes, will work with a 3/4" panel thickness!  Discover this new option for concealed tiny hinges.  Too cool.

TINY HES3D-70 SugatsuneLITTLE HES3D-70 Sugatsune SMALL! 

HES3D-70 allows vertical, horizontal, and depth adjustment after hinge is installed.  Small size for min. 3/4" panel thickness.

Cover hides all screw heads for a clean appearance
Available in Dull Chrome (DC), Dull Nickel (DN) or Matte Black (BL)

Recommended door specifications:

  • Maximum Door Weight:
    • with 2 hinges : Max.19.8lbs (8.9 kg)
    • with 3 hinges : 26.4lbs (11.97 kg)
  • Minimum Door thickness: 3/4" (20mm)
  • Maximum Door dimensions: H 47-1/4" x W 23-5/8"  


Here’s Why: Sugatsune’s HES3D series hinges incorporate a feature that allows the hinge leaves to separate. One leaf is installed in the door frame, while the other is installed into the door itself. You can then install and adjust the door at any time.


Explained: HES3D series hinges have vertical, horizontal, and depth adjustment features, so if your door isn’t perfectly aligned on the first try, this feature allows adjustments in each direction.


HES3D series hinges come with cover caps to hide all screws on the face of the hinge. So when your hinge is installed, it has a clean, sleek appearance.