Hawa Junior 80/Z Hardware Kit Only

By Better Building Hardware


HAWA Junior 80/Z Sliding Door Hardware

The HAWA Junior 80/Z features a two-way suspension for wooden sliding doors, which permits the sliding doors to be installed or dismantled in two different ways:

1. Side mounting without having to remove a possible trim or cover.

2. Mounting from the Front.

Hawa, often misunderstood to be a Hafele-made product, is a world leader in this class of sliding door hardware. The Swiss-engineered HAWA Junior system has been out making friends for 30 years now, earning devotion from those who make their living avoiding call backs. 

Many people out there say, "Great hardware, but my project can't afford that." A fair number of those will curse their short-sightedness for having chosen a cheaper alternative after they are asked to return to the scene of the crime to make things right. We hear from these unfortunates after their other systems have become junk. There are good reasons why HAWA is considered the sliding door hardware standard for architects and builders working to provide real value for their clients.


  • Max. Panel Weight: 176 lbs (80 kg.)
  • Two-way suspension for easy installation from 2 directions
  • Smooth and silent action
  • High-quality anodized top profile
  • Topless: practically gapless alignment with the top track
  • Adjustable vertically [ ± 4 mm ( 5/32") ]
  • Track stop with adjustable retaining force
  • Rattle-proof door guide
  • Easy, precise installation

Lead Time

The lead time for HAWA Junior 80/Z Sliding Door Hardware is approximately 1 to 2 weeks including shipping. Please contact us to confirm availability and for expediting options if you need your hardware right away.  

*50% restock fee for any returned items from Hawa


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