Folding Concepta 25 Pocket Door Hardware

By Hawa

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HAWA Folding Concepta 25 Pocket Door Hardware

To meet a rapidly growing demand for “smart” pocket door hardware, the Swiss manufacturer HAWA has introduced the Folding Concepta 25 pocket door hardware system, and designers have quickly learned that this system lets them create rooms within rooms that can just disappear behind clean folding doors which recess back into wall pockets or millwork. Incorporating folding pocket doors into the layout of a room significantly enhances the flexibility of the design by freeing up the circulation and creating clean, uncluttered interior design solutions.   

With the HAWA Folding Concepta 25, the Swiss manufacturer has expanded its smooth and quiet scissor technology to allow for flush folding doors of up to 55lbs to create an opening up to 9' 2-1/4"wide. This takes your standard flipper door hardware and makes it something that can actually change the way you design space. 

The “Smart” Pocket Door Hardware

Once open, these doors then get pocketed out of the way (without jamming) and the full width of the space is accessible.

As shown in the disappearing kitchen below, when combined with the HAWA Folding Concepta 25, the possible configurations are great for residential, hospitality, and corporate interiors. There is nothing else out there that can match all that this system delivers. 

3 Primary Configurations:

  1. Walk-in systems with no track on the floor.
  2. Cabinets that reach from floor to ceiling with a bottom profile.
  3. Half-height solutions with doors above counter level (see below).


  • Max. Door Weight: 55 lbs (25 kg) [per pair of panels 110 lbs (50 kg)]
  • Door Width: 300–700 mm (11-13/16" to 2' 3-9/16")
  • Door Height: 1851–2600 mm (6' 7/8" to 8' 6-3/8")
  • Door Thicknesses: 19–28 mm (3/4" to 1-1/8")
  • Opened: Free access to the entire cabinet front closed: flush with the adjacent areas
  • Two pairs of folding and recessing pocket doors enable cabinet fronts up to 2800 mm (9' 2-1/4") in width to be stored in the cabinet depth
  • Folding door pair can be pushed in fully flush with the external side
  • Low slide-in loss of 73 mm (2-7/8") in the cabinet pockets
  • Continuous gap pattern and uniform front designs, also in combination with HAWA Concepta 25/30/50 and pivot doors
  • Room-high designs without a cabinet base allow for recess enclosures and walk-in cabinets with uninterrupted flooring
  • Cabinet designs from worktop to ceiling are possible
  • Adjustments are made from the front
  • Integrated cabinet body and side connectors simplify the installation of cabinets with overlaying fronts
  • Unique scissor technology prevents any jamming when folding and sliding
  • Make cabinet fronts lockable with standard locks. Call us for more info: +1-888-636-1627

Fuller Utilization of Available Space

Hawa's Folding Concepta 25 is a unique product which fills an increasingly common need for flexible spaces. The design flexibility it allows has been very well-received and many designers are now enjoying the freedom that using high-quality folding, recessed and pocket flipper door hardware gives them.

As the photos and video on this page demonstrate, the HAWA Folding Concepta 25 pocket door hardware has many uses and is limited only by the designer’s imagination. It can solve design problems and allow a fuller utilization of available space. The Concepta is great for hideaway kitchens, closets, home offices, and wet bars, in residential, hospitality and corporate interiors. There is nothing else out there that can match all that this pocket door hardware system delivers.

If you are aware of another system that can do all this, we are very interested to find out about it!


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