GS300 Hidden Door Stop



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Product Information

The GS300 was developed to stop and hold any door (up to 400 lbs) on any floor surface with little to no clearance needed.  Have a heavier door?  Look at the GS300XD made of all steel components.


GHOSTOP GS300 doorstop solution kit comes with a highly- durable plate and retracting pin, round strike plate in stainless steel or brass with proprietary graduated recess, concealed neodymium magnet, decorative screws, and installation guide.


  • Hold & Stop Door: Ghostop’s unique mechanical action uses a retracting pin to hold and stop door in the open and closed position
  • Modern Detail: Ghostop's hardware is hidden, and flush to the floor making it a sleek detail virtually–invisible to the eye.
  • Smooth & Strong: Ghostop is powered by a concealed rare-earth magnet to ensure a quiet, smooth, and strong stop action.
  • No Trip Hazard: Unlike conventional doorstops, Ghostop poses no trip hazard due to its retracting pin and flush finish.
  • Zero Clearance: Ghostop is the Zero Clearance Solution™ because goes where other hardware just can't fit (4–10mm gap).
  • Variety of Finishes: Ghostop is available in Polished and Brushed finishes, including Stainless, Bronze, Nickel, Brass, and Chrome.
  • Easy-To-Install: Installing Ghostop is easy, and only requires a couple tools. It can be used with virtually any type door and floor.
  • Guaranteed: Ghostop includes lifetime mechanical, and limited finish guarantee covered by Virtual Hardware, LLC


  • Strike Plate: 1–1/2" Round x 1/4"
  • Pin Plate: 1–1/2" x 1" x 1/4"
  • Pin Assembly: 2–7/16"

Other Models

  • GS300XD: The GS300XD was developed to stop and hold very heavy doors on any floor surface with little to no clearance needed; made of all-steel components.  Mount from the bottom jamb on solid doors

  • GS200: The GS200 was developed to stop and hold any door on any surface with little to no clearance needed. Mount from the head or side jamb on solid doors
  • GS100: The GS100 was developed to stop and hold any cabinet door of 3/4" minimum. Mount from the head, side, or bottom jamb

Built to Last

The Ghostop Solution Kit provides a complete set of high–durability doorstop hardware with quiet, smooth, strong functionality. The Zero Clearance Solution ™

Image capture of the GHOSTOP in action.