FSB Circular Flush Pull Large - Spring Loaded Cover


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42 4252 00001 Spring Loaded Cover - Circular Flush Pull Large

The FSB 42 4252 0001 Flush Pull door handle sets the standard for elegant simplicity. FSB's new closed flush pulls ensure a uniform appearance for the door leaf. The operating aperture is always blanked out by a flap that springs neatly into the closed position when the hardware is not being used. 

Two modes of assembly are possible:

  1. The flat perimeter may be surface-mounted to the door or be fully recessed.
  2. The handles are designed in such a way that untidily or inaccurately machined edges can be concealed by means of the surface-mounted perimeter.  

But the fittings really come into their own if completely flush recessed. Hardware and door are suffused into a single entity - the door's design credentials are significantly enhanced.  No visible fastenings are needed. 

Flush pulls are generally fitted on timber doors. The leaf or frame is machined to accept the hardware, which is then clipped or glued in place as required.

The closed version boasts more than just aesthetic qualities

The user soon learns to appreciate the playful pleasure of flicking the flap alternately to the left and right. Soiling is reduced, moreover – particles of dust have virtually no chance of lodging in the aperture. 


Material: Stainless Steel or Aluminum, *Black Plastic

Dimensions: 75 mm (2.95") x 75 mm (2.95") x 19mm (.75")

Internal Grip:  54 mm (2.13") x 25 mm (.98")

Available Finishes:

  • 0105: Anodized Aluminum Natural

  • 6204: Satin Stainless Steel

More Info

*The housing between the front and back plates is a high impact black resin which allows the flush pull to be pressure-mounted into the door - with or without gluing - for a clean installation with no visible screws.

*1 3/4" or greater door thickness required. 

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