FixFax® Door Stopper No 6510

By Bome Technics

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The FixFax® retractable door stopper is flush-mounted in the floor. When the door is opened, the stopper springs out automatically from its housing, only to drop back into place when the door is closed.

The flush-mounted FixFax® door stopper is attractively designed. It does not interfere with cleaning of the floor or present an obstacle when passing through the door.

The operation of this intelligent innovation is based on magnetic fields, and the system has been patented by its developers.

Technical specifications:
FixFax®-6510 door stopper flush-mounted (type B) or fitted with phase (type A)

Diameter 65mm, installation depth 10mm, height when extended 17mm, suitable for under-door gaps of up to 10mm, matte CrNi surface finish, with locking function (no locking function in combination with door closer)

The system consists of a base plate built into the floor and an insert installed inside the door panel where it cannot be seen

Doorstopper  FixFax 6510 Type A or B can hold a door with weight up to  155lbs

Not suitable for metal doors. Purposes in dry areas for interiors.

When ordering, please indicate type no. (fitted with phase / flush mounted).

*Lead time is 3-4 weeks if not in stock

Technical Drawing:

Installation Manual:

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