Fight Ugliness Tank

By index-d


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For us, "Fight Ugliness" is more than a Tank (T-shirt also available).

It's our mission, our rallying cry, our raison d'être. We work everyday to help designers and builders spec better building hardware so they can save time, save money and ultimately save us all from an unsightly mess. We are here to help in that struggle for a better built environment. 

You have to be vigilant or the ugliness creeps in.

This is not like, "I just built the Taj Mahal and all I got was this tshirt". This is your uniform to wear on the battlefield, in the studio, on the job site and, yes, on your well-earned day-off every six months or so. 

We've been wearing our "Fight Ugliness" T-shirts around and many have asked where they could get one. Well, after the first batch went out quickly to some of our best customers, we've gone ahead and had a new batch printed.

Now you can get one!

These are soft soft soft cotton T's in a neutral grey that goes with everything. 

Get yours and join the fight!  

If you are here with a discount code because we wanted you to have a freebie, just know we are grateful for your business and hope you wear yours with pride!


Note : Ladies sizes tend to be smaller than you might be used to.