Athmer Schall-EX L-15/30 WS

By Athmer

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Athmer Door (drop) Seals

Door seals need to be part of your door specification. Reduce sounds and drafts from traveling between rooms. Or simply you need hold a private conversation in your office. Automatic drop down door seals are your answer. And Athmer is the only company to consider. With a combination of expertise and comprehensive solutions, Athmer offers automatic door seals for acoustic, smoke and fire-protection doors, the range also offers seals for doors with extremely large gaps of up to 50 mm at the bottom. Even pivot doors (call us about that solution).

Why Athmer Door Seals?

Simply put, they offer the best product. No more spring failures, scratched floors, weak springs or installation problems. Athmer has worked out all the common complaints with existing drop down seals.

This is a mortise mount door seal.  Here is a flush mount door seal for retrofit.


  • SCHALL-EX L-15/30 WS
  • Unrivalled sound reduction values:
  • -52 dB with 7 mm sealing height; -51 dB with 15 mm sealing height
  • For sealing heights up to 20 mm
  • Sturdy inner mechanical parts Parallel actuation and optimum Automatic leveling
  • Clip-on sliding actuator for safe start-up
  • Seal adjustment without tools
  • Installation quicker since no need for press plate
  • For fitting: in the groove
  • Actuator: on hinge side, single actuation
  • Function : hinged door
  • Door leaf material : Wood or Metal
  • Maximum length (mm) : 2000; Minimum length (mm) : 235
  • Groove width x height (mm) : 15 x 30
  • Product ID: 1-880
  • Maintenance free : Yes

Our Mini Review

Athmer seals are cycle tested to 1,000,000+ cycles. They simply won't fail. We constantly hear reviews of other drop seals that only last several months before the spring mechanism fails. Not with Athmer seals -- simply the best seal on the planet.

Need a quite office space? HIPPA privacy space? Odor containing space-- keep it in. Private doctor office? Any space requiring privacy, draft protection, air/odor isolation can be enhanced by an Athmer drop door seal.

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Installation Instructional Video

Some competitors offer up to 12" of cut back in the field so their standard lengths will fit many different door widths. This high cut back length simply leads to weak spring strength towards the lock side. Athmer has fine-tuned their standard lengths to ensure a reasonable cut back length while ensuring equal spring strength across the entire length of the drop seal. No spring failures and a perfect seal.

Loose the threshold! NO MORE TRIPPING HAZARDS!

With Athmer drop seals, tripping hazards on door thresholds are a thing of the past. All athmer sealing systems are barrier-free - with no ifs or butts. Our zero threshold solutions for doors even fall below the requirements of the German Industrial Standard (DIN 18040). This standard tolerates threshold heights of up to two centimetres, even for barrier-free construction.

Barrier Free Entry

At athmer, the motto is: "Zero means zero". - And that with increased tightness. Our systems Schall-Ex®, Stadi-L, Doppeldicht® and Kältefeind®, are certified according to the standards for barrier-free planning, building and living (DIN 18040) and meet the requirements for the permissible operating forces for barrier-free doors according to DIN EN 12217. The specially developed release mechanisms of the athmer drop seals mean a plus in independence and freedom of movement, especially for people with restricted mobility, especially for wheelchair users For athmer, the optimal ease of use of doors has traditionally been at the top of the product development agenda. Today we see that the requirements for barrier-free planning and construction are becoming more and more important. With athmer sealing systems, door manufacturers and builders are on the safe side when it comes to accessibility. This applies to our standard systems as well as to individual solutions that we develop together with our customers.

"Sweet Silence" Video - Why you need an automatic drop down door seal.

Athmer has so many solutions for door seals. See th full list here and then give us a call for speficiation help.