Fitting b.410 Sliding Door Hardware

By astec

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Astec Fitting b.400 Barn Door Hardware

One of Astec's most popular solutions for sliding door hardware, the simplicity of the b.400 belies a flexibility and level of technical sophistication that few other systems can provide. 

Sliding Door Hardware: Wheels

It really couldn't be simpler. Circular, brushed stainless steel wheels clamp through both sides of a glass or wood door. The edge of the wheel is rabbeted so that it can ride smoothly on a 25mm (1") wide flat stainless steel track. These floor-bearing wheels, like the astec System 400, can carry a door leaf weighing up to 1760 lbs. That's comparable to a 1/2" glass door that's 25ft long and 10ft high, or anything smaller than that.

When you want to avoid the money and hassle of installing steel or other additional structure to support a large sliding door, the floor-bearing wheels of the astec 410 sliding barn door system can provide smooth and easy movement for panels of nearly any thickness.

For wood door applications, the wheels can be installed mortised flush to the surface for a clean and unique option for large pocket doors.

Sliding Door Hardware: Floor Track

The track is usually installed in two ways:
  1. Most will buy the flat track and simply screw and/or glue it down to their finished floor.
  2. Another option is to provide a solid base (dense wood, stone, stainless steel or a flat piece of Astec's black polyamide) and set that 5mm below the level of the finished floor, so that the flat track is installed level with it. This leaves you with a small shadow gap on either side of the track and a great transition between one space and the other.

*See the Astec b.410 Technical Document in the downloads section for groove and spacing details for different configurations.

Sliding Door Hardware: Ceiling Track

The standard 20x40mm aluminum ceiling profile is all that's needed to guide the panel. This aluminum profile can be surface or flush mounted to the ceiling. 

Two door stops are installed on either end of the ceiling guide. They have been included in the set pricing.

In order to set the panel on the track, the glass panel must be machined to allow the installers to lift the glass up 5mm (.2") into the ceiling guide.


Sliding Door Hardware: Closer / Damper *NOW AVAILABLE*

Instead of the standard stops, Astec has recently added the option of a high-performance automatic closer and damper. The capacity for this closer is 440 lbs. (200 kg.). The closer requires a different ceiling guide than the one for the sets specified here.


Style Hardware: Glass or Wood Panels

System Capacity: 1760 lbs.

Material: Stainless Steel

Package Details

Set includes:

2 - Stainless steel wheels, pre-mounted prepared for glass thickness 10/12 mm
(other thickness of door leaves according to specification)

1 - Floor guides available either made of grey polyamide or hard wood
(length customized according to individual door width)
1 - Aluminum u-profile ceiling guide
(length customized according to individual door width)

2 - Door stoppers for fix positioning mounted into the ceiling guide

More Info

*Astec's tracks are machined to order and are delivered ready to install.

*Prices shown include shipping.

*Prices shown are for estimating. Astec fabricates every system to order.

*Standard lead time for a complete system is 3 weeks.

The 120mm (4.72") diameter wheels and the 160mm (6.30") diameter wheels offer the same load capacity. - Which one you use is solely up to aesthetics.

We have provided set pricing here based on wheels prepared for 3/8" or 1/2" glass panels, but Astec can manufacture wheels for glass or wood panels of any thickness.

In order to give you ballpark pricing for common installations, we have provided set pricing based on:

  • 70" wide track which would accommodate a 36" wide door
  • 92" track which works for 48" wide doors

Upon request, tracks can be pre-drilled for installation. 

If you have any questions on your particular track design, application, or pricing and lead time, don't hesitate to call us to discuss it: +1-888-636-1627