Angutec® MFH-100 Mortised Insert for Thicker Panels

By Manfred Frank

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Angutec® MFH-100 Surface Mount with Door Mount D05 (for Non-Glass Panels)

Manfred Frank® hinges are engineered to deliver record fast installation of large and heavy doors with NO Slippage —Guaranteed.

ANGUTEC® hinges are easily adjusted in 3-DIMENSIONS while fully loaded. With just a hex key and spanner, Manfred Frank’s patented mechanism allows precision alignment of extra-tall and extra-wide doors in a couple of minutes. NO other concealed hinge offers this magnitude of adjustability. The ANGUTEC® Series is extremely versatile, providing modular door and frame mounting solutions for ANY material of virtually ANY thickness. 

Angutec MFH-100


Load Capacity: 220 lbs. (100 kg.) with 2 hinges installed.

3-D Adjustability:

  • Vertical Range : 12mm (~1/2")
  • Lateral Range : 12mm (~1/2")
  • Compression (in/out) Range : 6mm (~1/4")

Door Installation Types: Inset, Overlay, Back-To-Back Curtain Wall 

Angutec MFH-100 Door Installation

Panel Thickness: 10mm (3/8") to 30mm (1")

*More thicknesses possible with special preparation

*Please be aware that to use this mount on panels above 3/4" requires mortising the door mount flush with the surface of the panel:

Angutec MFH-100 Panel Thickness

Opening Angle: 95°

*Tested at full load to over 200,000 cycles.


ANGUTEC® hinges are made from an extremely strong and durable fiber-reinforced composite polymer, with 316 stainless steel connections. All joints and connections are Maintenance-Free. This product is fully-recyclable.

Video Demonstration

The stop-action animation below shows the multi-point variable geometry mechanism. It offers the possibility of full-overlay flush doors up to 2" thick, with NEAR ZERO GAPS between the panels:

More Info

The MFH-100-D05 Surface Door Mount is engineered primarily for wood, stone, metal and other non-glass panel material. The Surface Screw Mounting features a protruding ø20mm stem, which is recessed into the panel surface. The main load forces of panels are carried by the stem, thus alleviating any stresses on the actual mounting screws. The mounting screws simply secure the door mount in place without having to take any of the panel weight.

Screw Mounting

*Note the different hole positions for each solution.

*Fasteners (wood screws or M6 machine bolts and inserts) are the responsibility of the installer.


Angutec MFH-100 Wood Screw Mounting

Angutec MFH-100 Machine Screw Mounting


Frame Mounts

All Manfred Frank Hinges MFH-100 hinges are available with one of 3 different frame mount sizes. The main difference between these is the spacing between the mounting hole centers. Typically, the bigger the distance between hole centers the higher the load bearing capacity. A wider hole spacing produces a better load transfer and reduces the forces placed on the actual screw/bolt mountings locations. For mounting to a glass frame, Manfred Frank recommends using either the F02 or F03. If you suspect your situation might require a larger Frame Mount, or you have any question about which Frame Mount is best, please call us for guidance +1-888-636-1627.

Frame Kits

*Bolts, Inserts, and Wood Screws to be provided by installer.

Angutec MFH-100 Backing Plate

Backing Plate (Non-Glass)

Angutec MFH-100 Tapped Screw Installation

For through-bolted or tapped screw installation

For Glass frame, Back-to-Back or curtain-wall installations, please call us for assistance with pricing and specification: +1-888-636-1627.

Angutec MFH-100 Glass Frame Installation


Angutec MFH-100 Color Black


Angutec MFH-100 Color Gray