TECTUS® TE 527 3D Hinges : Finishes

F1: Satin Chrome Look [ 124 ]

Finish Type: Powder-Coated

Description: Gray/Silver
( view a comparison with F2 and SSL )
F2: Satin Nickel Look [ 125 ]

Finish Type: Galvanic, Liquid-Coated Finish

Description: Slightly Warmer Gray/Silver than F1
( view a comparison with F1 and SSL )
SSL: Stainless Steel Look [ 126 ]

Finish Type: Galvanic/Liquid Coated Finish

Description: This hinge is manufactured in milled steel. Note that the SSL finish is somewhat warmer, more champagne than the standard US32D 
Rustic Umber [ 156 ]

Finish Type: Powder Coated

Description: US10B, matte, rich dark chocolate