Concealed Hinge Comparison

Tectus vs. Sugatsune vs. SOSS.


Whatever your budget or door specification may be, we have a concealed hinge to meet most specification parameters. 

Let us help you pick out the best hinge solution for your project. 


Hinge Model 3D Adjustable Finishes Weight Capacity Hinges Per Door List Price Per Door Price Notes
TECTUS TE 240 3D YES 10 + Custom RAL 60 Kg 2 $102.00 $204.00 Multiple finish options, clean lines, visible screws, metal cover plates.
SOSS 218 US26D NO 7 finishes 40 Kg 3 $38.40.00 $115.20 No 3D adjustability
SUGATSUNE HES3D-E190 YES 4 100 Kg 2 $115.00 $230.00 No visible screws, plastic cover plates, hinge leaves can separate.