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Although it was difficult to pick just one for each, here's a quick overview of the FritsJurgens Systems used in solutions for three different projects.

With all three projects, you will notice that there are no ugly floor closer covers. That's because all FritsJurgens® Pivot Systems are MORTISED IN THE DOOR. There's nothing in the ceiling or floor, just small plates that sit on the surface to receive the spindle from the top and bottom pivots.

System One

The simplest of the three, System One is a standard pivot without closer. Its 1,100 lbs. capacity and 360° rotation provides a solution for doors which don't require damping but still benefit from a compact heavy duty solution that doesn't require anything in the floor or ceiling.

This set of exterior metal frame glass pivot doors use System One to provide smooth operation of a 9-foot and a 4-foot wide door which are opened and closed several times a day in the warmer months.

Note the Formani Fold lift-slide hardware being utilized on a multi-point hardware door.  We can help specify proper seals for any exterior pivot door.  

Other System One projects : 


System 3



System 3 is a unique pivot. It works more like a turnstile than a traditional door closer. The door closes back to 0° or forward to 90° depending on which side of the 45° mark it sits. The pivot provides the same 360° rotation, so are often used in space partitioning situations. That you can adjust the 0° angle allows for all panels in a line to be absolutely flush with one another. 

In this project, a set of doors in a Tennis Club and Business Center, the doors are quite thick (4") and are clad with a honey-comb noise attenuating layer. The pivots are centered in the 10-foot wide panel and hold at both the 0° and 90° positions.  

Other System3 projects : 

System M

SYSTEM M is the newest addition to FritsJurgens universe and it is their most versatile. 
This heavy duty (btw all of FJ's pivots are tested beyond one-million cycles at full load) dual-acting adjustable closer is only 4" high and can be mortised into a 1-1/2" door. Like the FritsJurgens' other systems it will hold a 1,100 lb door.  

These doors in the Palazzo Madama in Italy required new hinges that would allow for dual-action and a hold position at ±90° without installing a door stop, and certainly not going into the 17th century stone floors with a closer in the floor. The doors were over 20-feet high and a sensitive installation was required to meet historic restoration requirements. 

Other System M projects : 

Behind its smooth and sleek exterior, 
SYSTEM M is loaded with features :  

SYSTEM M's patented hinge technology delivers smooth, controlled movement for very large, very heavy doors, for the lifetime of the building.  

All this Capacity + Control is now available from FritsJurgens® through Better Building Hardware!



We know it takes some time and effort for everyone to understand any new product well enough to specify it with confidence. We've created a System M launch page on our site to give you a decent overview of the basics, as well as serve up downloads for the current set of technical and specification documents. 

We're here to help you with any questions you have as you get to know SYSTEM M. 
As you begin to specify SYSTEM M in your projects, we will be very interested to hear about your experience. SYSTEM M itself evolved from FritsJurgens® learning from the comments of specifiers like you. Let us know what you need to integrate this state-of-the-art hinge into your projects.

Time to dream big.