gf Standard Brushed Stainless Steel [ Ss ]

included in standard set pricing is this lustrous 600-grit brushed stainless finish.

excellent corrosion resistance. 

     Mirror Polished Stainless Steel [ Bs ]

Gorgeous Hand-buffed mirror finish. 

a great match for other polished interior fixtures.

Upgrade on Standard sets : $499


Black Stainless Steel [ Bs ]

A truly premium black finish that won't chip, flake or rust and is fingerprint resistant. Cut it and it's black through and through. A cool brushed finish that can bring some oil-rubbed bronze tendencies up to and through more modern threshold. When you're done with regular brushed stainless, Krown offers something new here that won't disappoint.

Upgrade on Standard sets : $249


Bamboo [ Ba ]

This is a completely different way to think about sliding door hardware. The rail is crafted from 100% organic green-engineered, FSC-certified wood fiber core laminated on both sides with bamboo veneer, so strong it can hold up to 150 lbs.

The trolley is faced with 1/8" single-ply bamboo to bring that down-to-earth warmth to a high-performance sliding door system.

The bamboo is laminated using low-emitting no-added-formaldehyde (NAF) adhesive.

Upgrade on Standard sets : $399



Color Accent Kits 

The standard ODEN system comes with the bearing seal in the hub of the trolley wheel in a black. The Accent Kit allows you to spice things up (or down, if you look at the white shown at left) with colorful industrial coatings on the trolley hub, the trolley stop, and the track end caps. Call us to discuss this option : +1-877-777-0592

Upgrade on all sets : $149

     Standard Glass Door Bottom Guide
     Standard Wood Door Bottom Guide Post

Included in all wood door systems. 


Optional Bottom Guide Rail [ 038 ]

A simple, almost invisible stainless steel solution that mounts directly to the bottom of the panel, so there's no need to rout a groove. Not available for glass or resin systems. 11/16" wide x 1/2" high. 

Adds $49 to the standard systems. Available in lengths up to 84". Call for pricing on custom lengths and Black Stainless finish. 

     Optional Drywall Spacer Kit

For 1/2" or 5/8" drywall installation, this kit is recommended for heavier doors. Spacer O.D. : 1-3/8"


Contact us with any questions regarding any custom lengths, configurations and installations. We will work with you to get your project specified and delivered :

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