Hidden Doors

How do you make and install a beautiful hidden door?  Use a German engineered high-performance concealed hinge and an American precision-machined high-load touch latch (suitable for aerospace and marine interiors).  

TECTUS® 3D Hinges + St. Louis Design Touch Latch.

These two products will provide you with the absolute best hidden door solution.  The TECTUS® 3D Hinges are highly engineered concealed hinges offering adjustments in 3 dimensions to give your hidden door the perfect reveal all the way around.  Finishes are available to meet all design requirements-- even stainless steel solutions to hold-up to tough marine environments.  And of course they are not visible in this picture because they are completely concealed!  But take a look here to see the actual hinge and the many different types to accommodate varying weight capacities and throw characteristics.

You can eliminate the door hardware and instead use the St. Louis Design Industrial Touch Latch with a 12 lbs of fource to open large doors and a 1 1/4" bolt extension.

And of course the specialists here at Better Building Hardware can provide you with the technical expertise and installation equipment required for a perfect installation.  We can even provide a rental kit for those one-off installations or if you just want to try out the products before committing to a tool investment.