Nothing in the ceiling. Nothing in the floor. Pivot hinge systems with everything mortised in the door. No more ugly cover plates.


The Dutch manufacturer, FritsJurgens, has engineered a patented center pivot door hinge with a sophisticated self-closing function that's entirely mortised in the door.

With capacities of up to 1100 lbs for pivot doors up to 20-feet wide and 20-feet high, the FritsJurgens® hinge system opens up a new way of thinking about any swinging panel. You can show up with your doors fitted with FritsJurgens hinges after all the finish surfaces are completed.

There's no need to deal with preparing or installing a cement box in your floor or having to hide a big unsightly cover plate. Just slip the door into the patented floor and ceiling plates, adjust until perfectly aligned, and give it a whirl. 

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Check out a side-by-side comparison of the System M with comparable hinges from Dorma and Rixson.

DOWNLOAD : FritsJurgens System M Overview

DOWNLOAD : FritsJurgens Installation Information

Palazzo Madama

SystemOne :

1 function = turn
  • 360° Operation

  • No hold positions

  • For doors up to 1,100 lbs.

  • No Closer or Damper Function

  • Minimum Door Thickness : 1-1/2”

3  functions = turn+hold+close

  • 360° Operation

  • Hold positions at every 90°

  • Closes with Damper from each 45°position like the smoothest turnstile ever to spin

  • Load Capacity : 1100 lbs.

  • Available in 4 spring strengths to ensure proper closing force for doors from up to 440 lbs.

  • Minimum Door Thickness : 1-1/2"

  • Great for Space Partitioning

  • Dual-Acting Pivot/Closer

  • Load Capacity : 1100 lbs.

  • Hold Positions at , 90º and -90º

  • Self-closing from +125º and -125º

  • Fully-adjustable Closing Speed.

  • Adjustable Hydraulic Backcheck.

  • Adjustable 0° Position

  • Minimum Door Thickness : 1-1/2"