Nothing in the ceiling. 

Nothing in the floor. 

Pivot hinge systems with everything in the door.



System M

The Dutch manufacturer, FritsJurgens, has engineered a patented center pivot door hinge with a sophisticated self-closing function that's entirely mortised in the door.

With capacities of up to 1100 lbs for interior and exterior pivot doors up to 20-feet wide and 20-feet high, the FritsJurgens® hinge system opens up a new way of thinking about any swinging panel.
With doors fitted with FritsJurgens hinges, you can show up on the job site after all the finish surfaces are complete.

There's no need to deal with preparing or installing a cement box in your floor or having to hide a big unsightly cover plate. Just slip the door into the FritsJurgens floor plate, set the pin, adjust until perfectly aligned, and give it a whirl. 


FritsJurgens System M Overview

FritsJurgens Installation Information




1  function = turn



3  functions = turn+hold+close  



4  functions = turn+hold+close+adjustable latching force    


The Top Pivot (left) is also entirely mortised in the door. A small plate is attached to the ceiling or frame and receives the spindle. A version of the top pivot with a grommeted spindle to allow for permanent power transfer. 
The common Floor Plate (right) receives any of the hinge models and is concealed when the door is closed. Round Floor Plates are also available (as in the image at the top of the email). 



This award-winning hinge is an excellent solution for large exterior entry pivot doors, conference room walls, museum panels, office fit ups, restaurant interiors, retrofits in buildings with existing concrete floors which you don't want to dig up, or anywhere you are looking for maximum space flexibility without limiting the size of your opening. You dream it up and one of the FritsJurgens pivot hinges can meet you there. 


For interior and exterior door applications.

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