Finish Comparison : F1, F2, and SSL

We've often been asked what the difference is between the three grayish finishes. Of course, it's impossible to describe in words the subtleties and ordering sample coverplates is the only way to guarantee you'll get exactly what you want.

Most of the confusion involves the SSL or "Stainless Steel Look" finish. Its name is somewhat misleading as the finish is quite a bit warmer (some say champagne) in tone than either the F1 or F2 finishes. We've provided a side-by-side photo above for comparing their relative values. In the past, those wanting to match satin stainless have chosen either the F1, F2, or the plated Satin Nickel finish.

The good news is that with the addition of their plated Satin Chrome finish, Simonswerk has provided a great option for designers trying to match the cool brushed stainless look :