FritsJurgens® System M+ Pivot and Closer (M42+)

By FritsJurgens

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FritsJurgens® System M+ Pivot and Closer (M42+)

IMPORTANT PRODUCT UPDATE : Effective March 1, 2022 - FritsJurgens released a new version of the System M+, now with a shorter 70mm minimum or edge-mounted 40mm pivot point!
See the new 2022 System M+ details here.

For pivot doors up to 1,100lbs. 

System M+ is the next generation of revolutionary pivot closers from the Dutch manufacturer, FritsJurgens. For these two M42+ models, the Plus means it provides increased control for the movement of your pivot door (over the standard System M). This is especially true in regard to the LATCHING SPEED CONTROL.

IF your door requires some sort of mortise lock, roller latch, automatic dropseal or anything else that might push back on a door closer, then you will want to upgrade to these M+ models. The Adjustable Latching Control allows you to tune that last 10° to ensure your door latches up tight against the stop. 


The M+ also provides two other useful speed adjustments:

  • The standard Damper Control that the System M pivots all have. This also can tune the Backcheck function that protects the door and the wall from damage.

  • The 30° Speed Control. This provides an adjustment for the speed of the door in the last 30° of travel.


The M32+ is exactly the same construction and size as the regular System M.

    System M+ (M42+) Features:

    • Entirely mortised in the door. No closer in the floor.
    • Dual or Single-Acting
    • 2 models tuned for doors up to 1100lbs. 
    • Minimum Pivot offset: 91mm (3-9/16")
    • Minimum Door Thickness : 50mm (2")
    • Holds at ±90° and 0°
    • Closes from ±90 and ±125° 
    • Adjustable 0° position (via floor plate)
    • Gap adjustment (via top pivot)
    • Corrosion-resistant construction
    • Maintenance-Free. Tested beyond 1-million cycles
    • Optional Grommeted Top Pivot for Permanent Power Transfer
    • Maintenance-Free. Tested beyond 1-million cycles
    • Dorma Model Comparison: BTS75, BTS80/H, BTS80/B
    • Rixson Model Comparison: H28H28x587


    Floor Plate is available in PVD Black as well as the standard satin stainless steel.



    SYSTEM M/M+ Quick Intro

    FritsJurgens Systems Technical Documentation

    Configuration Chart for System M and M+


    For those who have dealt with other in-floor closers, the System M will change your life. And save you money. Contractors we speak with usually budget $2000 just to get the hole prepped. This is without figuring in the cost of the hardware or the hassle factor. With FritsJurgens you can bring your pivot door in after all the finished surfaces are done. Installation is quick and precise.