FritsJurgens : System3 Pivot Hinge

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FritsJurgens® : System3 Pivot Set

- Maximum bearing capacity: 1,100 lbs. (500kg)
- Minimum door thickness: 1-9/16 inches (40mm) 
- Available in 4 spring strengths for doors up to 850 lbs.

- Which One?  System 3 vs System M Learn More Here!

Complete Set including top and bottom pivots and accessories.

IMPORTANT PRODUCT UPDATE : Effective March 1, 2022 - FritsJurgens released a new version of the System 3, now with a shorter 70mm minimum pivot point!
See the new 2022 System 3 details here.

Nothing in the ceiling. Nothing in the floor. 

FritsJurgens® System 3 Pivot is often specified in space partitioning applications because of its unique "turnstile" function. Turning a full 360° with stops at every 90°, this pivot closes from each 45° to the nearest 90°. So, from 46° it will open up and hold at 90°. From 44° it will close to 0°. Common uses include an entire long wall of a conference room segmented to open all out to a break out space.


The maintenance-free center pivot hinge System3 can handle doors up to 1,100 lbs. Very tall and very wide doors are no problem.


The FritsJurgens center-hung pivot hinge System3 is being specified throughout high-end residential and commercial projects to provide butt-hinge-free operation of high-end flush doors of all sizes. These pivot hinges provide hassle-free installation that can happen after all the finish work has been done, even on concrete or the most luxurious stone tile.

Engineered and manufactured in The Netherlands.

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Just install the FritsJurgens patented base and ceiling plates exactly where you want your door and drop the door panel into position. These pivots are an excellent solution for any center-hung exterior entry pivot doors, conference room walls, museum panels, office fit-ups, restaurant interiors, or anywhere you are looking for maximum space flexibility without limiting the size of your opening. You dream it up and one of their pivot hinges can meet you there!


3 functions:

  • Turn
  • Hold
  • Close

    Specifications : 

    • All the closer technology is mortised in the door
    • 360° degree operation
    • Hold positions at every 90°. 
    • Closes from each 45° position
    • Available in 4 spring strengths. See Configuration Chart
    • Maximum bearing capacity: 1,100 lb (500kg)
    • Minimum door thickness: 1-9/16" (40 mm) 
    • Highly suitable for the following types of doors: Doors with the hinge in the middle and swivel walls with a defined open and closed position.
    • Suitable for internal and external doors made from all types of material.
    • Hold positions on all 90° positions.
    • Minimum distance from the pivot point to the edge of the door: 3-9/16" (91mm).
    • Maximum door dimensions: Unrestricted up to a maximum weight of 1100lbs (500 kg). Damping force depends on door weight and pivot position. Consult the Configuration Chart for System3
    • Packaging: Delivered as a complete set with top pivot, floor plate, ceiling plate and fitting accessories.
    • Guarantee:  Two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.
    • Maintenance-free bearings. Tested to 1 million cycles.
    • Made from corrosion resistant material. 
    • Model IDs:  600116/B11, 600120/B120, 600124/B11, 600128/B11
    • Model Names:  Model 9016, Model 9020, Model 9024, Model 9028 

    Downloads : 

    FritsJurgens System3 Brochure

    System3 Mounting Manual

    FritsJurgens Inspiration Book

    Call us for CAD files. 


    More Info :

    Positive action roller catch solution:

    Magnetic Catch solution:

    This item includes all pieces required for one pivot door. If you need specific FritsJurgens parts please contact us : 1-888-636-1627

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