ITS 96 EN 3-6 Door Closer

By Dorma

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DORMA ITS 96 3-6 Concealed cam-action Door Closer

Designed for concealed installation in the door leaf and frame, the DORMA ITS 96 door closer is suitable for almost every type of door and offers a wide variety of functions and flexibility combined with a high level of quality.

Please be aware that this model of the Dorma ITS 96 is the European version of this closer.(EN) We have offered it here because we are seeing it specified on retail applications. The standard US version can be found here

The DORMA ITS 96  door closer has ushered in a new era in door closer technology. The door closer body and slide channel are so compact that they can be installed out of sight in doors and their frames. These devices offer the same high quality expected of DORMA door closers, as characterized by their ease of operation for the user, and wide range of functions. Thanks to the exceptionally slender dimensions of the unit, the DORMA ITS 96 can be installed in virtually all doors with thicknesses of 1-3/4" or more.

*This is the 3-6 version of the Dorma concealed closer for larger and heavier doors.


  • Invisible when door is closed
  • Suitable for interior wood, hollow metal, and aluminum doors and frames
  • Optional hold-open available. Adjustable between 80º and 120º
  • Efficient cam and roller design
  • Rapid decrease in opening force makes doors easy to open, yet provides maximum closing force at the latch
  • Cushioned stop position adjustable between 80º–120º (separate limiting stop required for doors in abusive conditions)
  • Sweep and latch valve adjustment easily accessible after installation
  • All ITS 96 models can be inverted to install the closer body in the frame


  • Adjustable spring force for ITS 96 is EN 3-6. Adjustable with unit installed
  • Recommended for doors up to 55" wide and up to 400 lbs
  • Maximum door opening approximately 120º
  • Installs in 2" thick doors (minimum)

More Info

  • Specify Handing LH or RH (this will determine which slide channel pack will ship with your order)
  • Price includes the G 96 N20 Slide Channel Pack which is necessary for the functioning of this closer.

    • Just choose the handling for your project and we will ship both items together
      (Often specified as ITS96-EN3-6 W/G96-N20-K12).

  • Please consider DORMA ITS 96-13 and DORMA ITS 96-25 if you are looking for the DORMA ITS 96 for smaller doors.


Dorma ITS96 EN 3-6 Brochure


This is a non-returnable item. Please review the details to ensure you are ordering the correct hardware.