HB 1820 Flush Bolt (Round Throw)

By Halliday & Baillie

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HB 1820


The HB 1820 Flush Bolt evolved from the popular HB 600 Flush Bolt Series, providing enhanced functionality and heavy-duty construction. The HB 1820 incorporates the same tension adjusting mechanism as the HB 1810 for smooth operation. For situations where the operation of the bolt needs to be further away from the top of the door ( e.g. tall doors ), HB 1820 offers an optional one meter long extension kit ( HB1825 ) which can be cut to the required length on site.

Standard set includes a door leaf faceplate and spring-loaded dust-free strike.

Note: please check dimensioned drawing to determine the suitability of this flush bolt with your track requirements.

For aluminum doors please specify the HB1810 Flush Bolt.

DOWNLOAD :HB1820 Specification Sheet  (PDF)

material : solid brass