The Proper Screw

V.E.? My Ass.

Posted on Sep 20, 2012. 0 comments


Do you cringe at the sight of a not-quite-flush door? Find yourself checking the dustboxes for their

specified finish? Are you a low-fat modern designer frustrated by the fat and frill of what some call

“contemporary”? Perhaps you’re the sort who would rather see no hardware at all?

We know how hard it can be.

We feel the same way. A zinc screw on a satin nickel faceplate; that image will keep us up at night,

writhing with the helpless feeling that we are ever further from the summit we’ve been climbing

towards for, oh, so long. It’s to satiate that feeling that we have brought these unique and premium

products together for you. The Proper Screw is here to satisfy your desire for what fits best, not just

whatever’s at hand. Come in and have your way with the best that the world has to offer in truly

modern architectural hardware.

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