The silent kitchen pantry door and the evil ball catch latch.

Posted on Mar 11, 2019

We've all been there.  The baby is finally asleep. You are exhausted but famished.

And you crave the chips that are behind the kitchen pantry door held shut by a loud and boisterous closet door ball catch latch.  Pulling the door open may not wake the baby and the household, but shutting it will set off enough squeaks and harrowing sounds to also wake the dog.  You are hungry and now defeated.

Update January 2022!  Need to replace a ball catch already installed?  Checkout the new ball catch replacement kit!

Why not end this pain for millions.  Use the silent Precision Magnetic Catch for your next project.  Finally, a silent way to open, close, and secure the kitchen pantry door.  It's time to stay silent.

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