A smart lock you can't see!

Posted on Mar 14, 2019

Smartphone Mortise Lock!

Leave it to the folks at Accurate to bring us one of the first smartphone mortise locks WITH NO VISIBLE ELECTRONICS, keypads, or plastic nastiness!!



Product Information

+ All technology components are hidden inside the mortise pocket

+ Pair with virtually any style trim

 + Does not require any wiring through the door frame, battery powered for easy installation

 + Lock and unlock the door and grant keyless entry via smartphone app

 + Compatible with some common smart home systems 

 + COMING SOON in Q2 2019! 

Project Integration Support

Call us and we'll help you with your next Accurate project.  We'll help integrate this fantastic new product into your specification.

Finally, a smart lock with NO visible electronics!

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The silent kitchen pantry door and the evil ball catch latch.

Posted on Mar 11, 2019

We've all been there.  The baby is finally asleep. You are exhausted but famished.

And you crave the chips that are behind the kitchen pantry door held shut by a loud and boisterous closet door ball catch latch.  Pulling the door open may not wake the baby and the household, but shutting it will set off enough squeaks and harrowing sounds to also wake the dog.  You are hungry and now defeated.

Update January 2022!  Need to replace a ball catch already installed?  Checkout the new ball catch replacement kit!

Why not end this pain for millions.  Use the silent Precision Magnetic Catch for your next project.  Finally, a silent way to open, close, and secure the kitchen pantry door.  It's time to stay silent.

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Hidden Doors

Posted on Mar 06, 2019

These examples of hidden doors are just brilliant.  Enjoy the show because we sure did! 

We have a complete line of concealed hinges and pivots to move heavy openings and make most of these dreams come true!  Finally, your own personal Bat Cave entrance.


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Slim Black Bathroom Accessories

Posted on Mar 04, 2019

Looking for black bathroom hardware?

Check out this collection from JNF.  From Portugal, JNF has an extensive catalog of carefully designed products.  These black bathroom accessories may be the perfect fit for your next design.

Slim Black Bathroom Accessories by JNF

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Frameless Doors !

Posted on Feb 04, 2019

Finally, frameless doors are coming to America! 

The Europeans have been experiencing the beauty of frameless door solutions for years.  Now we have some great solutions.  Check it out!


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Your Pivot Hinge Consultant

Posted on Mar 15, 2018



Because you are a valued customer we have assigned a specialist  to your company. He will be able  to answer  any and all inquires you may  have  in regards to heavy duty hinges.  If you wish to order samples we can assist with this as well.



Everyone sees doors getting bigger and bigger on their projects. Now you have a heavy-duty solution for virtually any interior or exterior door you can dream up. 

After years of development and testing, we are very proud to introduce SYSTEM M, a dual-acting pivot hinge with adjustable closer for large doors up to 1100 lbs.

And like all FritsJurgens® Pivot Systems, EVERYTHING IS MORTISED IN THE DOOR.






SYSTEM M's top and bottom pivots are mortised in the door leaf allowing for quick and precise installation after all the finish surfaces are completed. Yes, that means you don't have a floor closer box detail to coordinate with all the subs. You don't have an ugly closer cover to hide. All you have is a small plate sitting on the floor into which you set the door. 

Behind its smooth and sleek exterior, 
SYSTEM M is loaded with features : 

  • Dual-Acting Pivot Hinge
  • NEW Load Capacity : 1100 lbs.
  • Hold Positions at 0º, 90º and -90º
  • Self-closing from ±89º
  • NEW Self-closing from ±125º
  • Fully-adjustable Closing Speed.
  • NEW Adjustable Hydraulic Backcheck.
  • NEW Easily Adjustable 0° Position for Precise Installation.
  • Adjustable Gap Spacing Between Door and Jamb
  • NEW Minimum Door Thickness : 1-1/2" (40mm)
  • Tested Beyond 1 million Cycles.
  • NEW Five Models Tuned to the Size and Weight of Your Door. 
  • State-of-the-Art Maintenance-free Bearings. 
  • Grommeted Top Pivot Available for Permanent Power Transfer
  • Corrosion-resistant Construction for Exterior and Interior Doors.
  • Perfect for Extra-Large Wood or Metal Doors

SYSTEM M's patented hinge technology delivers smooth, controlled movement for very large, very heavy doors, for the lifetime of the building.  
All this Capacity + Control is now available from FritsJurgens®
through Index-d or purchase directly online at

As you begin to specify SYSTEM M in your projects, we will be very interested to hear about your experience. SYSTEM M itself evolved from FritsJurgens® learning from the comments of specifiers like you. Let us know what you need to integrate this state-of-the-art hinge into your projects.

Time to dream big. 

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