Frameless Doors !

Posted on Feb 04, 2019

Finally, frameless doors are coming to America! 

The Europeans have been experiencing the beauty of frameless door solutions for years.  Now we have some great solutions.  Check it out!


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Your Pivot Hinge Consultant

Posted on Mar 15, 2018



Because you are a valued customer we have assigned a specialist  to your company. He will be able  to answer  any and all inquires you may  have  in regards to heavy duty hinges.  If you wish to order samples we can assist with this as well.



Everyone sees doors getting bigger and bigger on their projects. Now you have a heavy-duty solution for virtually any interior or exterior door you can dream up. 

After years of development and testing, we are very proud to introduce SYSTEM M, a dual-acting pivot hinge with adjustable closer for large doors up to 1100 lbs.

And like all FritsJurgens® Pivot Systems, EVERYTHING IS MORTISED IN THE DOOR.






SYSTEM M's top and bottom pivots are mortised in the door leaf allowing for quick and precise installation after all the finish surfaces are completed. Yes, that means you don't have a floor closer box detail to coordinate with all the subs. You don't have an ugly closer cover to hide. All you have is a small plate sitting on the floor into which you set the door. 

Behind its smooth and sleek exterior, 
SYSTEM M is loaded with features : 

  • Dual-Acting Pivot Hinge
  • NEW Load Capacity : 1100 lbs.
  • Hold Positions at 0º, 90º and -90º
  • Self-closing from ±89º
  • NEW Self-closing from ±125º
  • Fully-adjustable Closing Speed.
  • NEW Adjustable Hydraulic Backcheck.
  • NEW Easily Adjustable 0° Position for Precise Installation.
  • Adjustable Gap Spacing Between Door and Jamb
  • NEW Minimum Door Thickness : 1-1/2" (40mm)
  • Tested Beyond 1 million Cycles.
  • NEW Five Models Tuned to the Size and Weight of Your Door. 
  • State-of-the-Art Maintenance-free Bearings. 
  • Grommeted Top Pivot Available for Permanent Power Transfer
  • Corrosion-resistant Construction for Exterior and Interior Doors.
  • Perfect for Extra-Large Wood or Metal Doors

SYSTEM M's patented hinge technology delivers smooth, controlled movement for very large, very heavy doors, for the lifetime of the building.  
All this Capacity + Control is now available from FritsJurgens®
through Index-d or purchase directly online at

As you begin to specify SYSTEM M in your projects, we will be very interested to hear about your experience. SYSTEM M itself evolved from FritsJurgens® learning from the comments of specifiers like you. Let us know what you need to integrate this state-of-the-art hinge into your projects.

Time to dream big. 

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Autumn Product Review 2 : Hawa AG Sliding Systems

Posted on Apr 02, 2014

Index-d : Autumn Product Review 2 : Hawa Sliding Systems
Hawa Antea Sliding System for Glass Doors
Autumn Product Review 2 :
Hawa AG Sliding Systems

HAWA  :  Antea 50-80/VF
Say you don't want to see that track on the ceiling. You don't want to see anything on the floor. This system by the Swiss manufacturer, Hawa, will take care of a pretty big wood or glass door (up to 5' w x 8'-6" h) without needing to touch down on the floor or breach the ceiling.

Hawa Antea Sliding System 
Hawa Antea-WoodWood Section
Section of Antea system showing installation with two wood doors.

Concepta Features:
· easy to install and adjust
· FOUR options for framed and frameless glass doors
· mix wood and glass doors up to 176 lbs.
· only a 1-3/16" gap between the ceiling and the door.
· incorporates a high quality soft-closing system to prevent slamming.
· rugged enough for any residential or commercial application.
Hawa Antea-Frameless Glass

Detail of the frameless glass fitting.
Download an article that covers all four design options.


Hawa Sliding Systems
Quick Profile:

It's likely you've heard of Hawa AG. However, you may not know the breadth of their offerings. We wanted to highlight some of their newer systems here and call out some of the features that make this Swiss-made sliding hardware a smart option for any project.

Hawa systems are, in a word, refined. We find that their engineers' drive to minimize the visual impact of their hardware and maximize options fits perfectly with the M.O. of our designers, while the durability and ease of installation is very attractive to the call-back-averse builder. No one wants to learn twice the lesson of installing a schlocky sliding door system.

With Hawa's wide range of solutions for glass and wood doors of all sizes and functions, and (our favorite) their thorough and legible documentation, the ability is there to spec a Hawa system for any situation.


HAWA PIVOT / SLIDE SYSTEM  :  Concepta  20-30-50

Hawa Concepta - Office application 

Hey, where'd my office go?
Pivot/Slide systems are useful for creating smaller environments within larger spaces (kitchens, offices, entertainment centers, wet bar, laundry...) and being able to secure them or even just hide the mess.
None of the similar systems on the market come close to having the variety of options, the ease of installment and adjustment, and the ruggedness that the Hawa Concepta offers.

Their sophisticated trolley and scissor system is engineered to prevent that infuriating jamming, and to provide smooth operation even with doors weighing up to 110 lbs and reaching 9'-4" high.
Concepta also allows you to have closets with floor to ceiling doors which tuck flush with the wall without having to build cabinetry.

Do you have something to hide?

HAWA  :  Planfront 70

Some break out in hives when they see by-passing closet doors, but sometimes you're stuck not having the room for swinging doors. Hawa has an answer in Planfront (i.e. Plane Front). A panel starts flush with its neighbor and is then smoothly slid into the plane behind it. The panels that remain in front can either be fixed or slide on their own.

Hawa PlanfrontHawa Planfront-Detail
Media walls and projection screens can be hidden easily, while securing these areas is now a simple proposition. Index-d can also help provide elegant flush pulls for this and all of Hawa's sliding systems.

Here's how you can have a four panel closet which closes flush: Hawa Planfront Sliding Diagram



Hang Half-Ton Doors with Hawa's
Junior Super 500

Hawa Junior Super 500 for big doors

Pack on the pounds. The new Hawa Super 500 takes up to a 1100 lb leaf without anyone having to struggle to get it moving.

Hawa Junior Super 500 Ceiling Detail
ceiling-mounted suspension

Super 500 is a low profile solution which can disappear in the ceiling or be hung on a wall. Like all the other Junior sliding systems the Super 500 clearly demonstrates Hawa's Swiss precision and reliability.




Choosing a better solution shouldn't lead to bigger headaches.
Please, let us know if you're interested in further information on any of these systems. We're here to make the specification process as thorough and painless as possible for the designer, and to provide the builder with competitive pricing, informed technical support, and a smooth procurement process.

don't settle,

David Singer

877-777-0592  x30
www.index-d. com
In case you missed
any of our most recent 
Product Reviews you can view them 


Hawa Antea Brochure

Hawa Antea Brochure



for pricing and
specification support.


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____________ when all you want to see is
Big Glass 
Hawa Puro System
Hawa Puro 
provides quiet and reliable operation of glass doors
up to 330 lbs.

Like a Swiss watch, Puro's  precision hardware is virtually hidden, integrated in a minimal top track which can be set in a suspended ceiling, into concrete, or mounted on the wall. Pure and simple. 
the Puro Brochure
Concepta installed in a wall alcove.
Concepta installed
in a wall recess.
 When open, the doors
can be flush with
the wall surface.

Hawa Concepta Brochure
Hawa Concepta

for more information
and pricing call 


Detail Section

Hawa Planfront-Detail

The panel can move from flush to sliding behind a fixed panel or behind a sliding panel as shown in this detail.

Don't Settle

Hawa Junior Super 500 Detail

The Hawa Super 500/A
(detail above)
has a beefy suspension bracket while 500/B provides an integrated
suspension set up
Read more about the other Super 500 options and get to know the other Hawa system for wood doors:
Hawa Wood Systems BrochureDOWNLOAD Hawa Wood Systems Brochure

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